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Alaska Bible College – Small Classes & Mentorship

Alaska Image248 E. Elmwood Ave
Palmer, AK 99645
800.478.7884 or 907.745.3201

By Emerson Sandow

Alaska Bible College offers a wide variety of plusses to homeschoolers who wish to attend a first-rate bible college in a frontier setting. First, ABC offers dual-enrollment to high school students who wish to count their credits toward college as well.  Alaskan Studies Class is required to graduate from high school and ABC students can take that ASC at the college. College tuition and the general education classes are all available with dual enrollment. This is great for high schoolers because they are in with all of the other Alaska Bible College students, getting a taste of college early. They earn dual credits that are transferable. Parents can audit the courses, too, or take them for credit.

Alaska has a thriving homeschool community and a lot of the students at ABC are homeschoolers. One reason the college appeals to homeschoolers is their 7-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio. Alaska Bible also offers a mentorship program. Each faculty member mentors students weekly. The mentor checks in regularly with the students so that the student does not get lost in the shuffle. Coming from the one-on-one homeschool environment and attending a smaller school with the mentorship program, makes Alaska Bible very comfortable for homeschoolers.

There are a variety of financial aid programs for homeschoolers who are enrolled in them. Some are public, another is a burroughs program. Depending on which program a student is in, up to $2,000 per child is allotted for purchasing equipment or other supplies – even piano lessons are paid for! Check the website for full details. Of course, parents can “free” homeschool, too, especially if they don’t like the idea of mandatory testing, which is part of the aid programs.

Families can use the allotment money to pay for the college tuition as well or a part of it.  The college is accredited through AVHE, and their credits are transferable, to some other colleges. As with all issues of transferability of credits, check with the college you want to transfer to about their acceptance of Alaska Bible credits.

Alaska Bible offers a unique one-year Bible certificate because often students come out of college and don’t know what to do with their future, so,  they take a year off . Students who put off college are less likely to complete upper level degrees and Alaska Bible has developed the one-year certificate so that students can get their feet wet and see what college is like for them. They can work, get financial experience and find out what they believe and why, etc. The one-year certificate is half of the Associate in Bible Degree — 24 credit hours and all of that certificate is applied to other degrees. Besides the one year Bible certificate, Alaska Bible also offers a Bible in Ministry AA.

A final belief in action aspect is that all students have Christian Ministry Training – putting into practice what they are learning and believing. They volunteer at a pregnancy center and a food pantry/soup kitchen, etc. That applies to everybody who is enrolled at Alaska Bible College.

For a unique experience in God’s Country, visit and learn all about Alaska Bible College’s offerings. E.S.

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