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American School – Accredited High School Curriculum Online

Accredited, Affordable, Comprehensive

by Michael Leppert

American School, in the Chicago area, is one of the oldest distance-learning institutions in the world. For 118 years, AS has been providing high-quality education to students in 65 countries as well as the U.S. Of course, they were originally a paper-based “correspondence” school – which they still are – but with the advent of the public-access Internet, American School was positioned to add online courses as well.

For many years, AS offered online exams and a few courses, but in early 2015, the American School added a full online high school diploma program to the paper-based program, which will prove to be very popular with students of all backgrounds and needs who prefer to work from the Internet. The curriculum is available in two broad course tracks: General Education or College Prep. Both tracks result in a high school diploma that is fully accredited and recognized, with the same weight as any bricks-and-mortar school’s diploma is.

The American School online high school program is open to anyone who is ready to begin 9th grade courses. The online Diploma is awarded for completion of 18 units of credit, with at a price of 4.5 units of credit for $900. This is a tremendously affordable price for a private high school program! The prices for the paper-based program are different and will be changing later in 2015.

Besides the full high school diploma program, American School students can take individual courses to enhance an existing homeschool program. High school math for instance, is good for the enhancement aspect. AS has a wide range of math courses – up to Calculus and everything in between, including an entire series of integrated math courses online. American School has beefed up their math department for the online program and students can come in and start with algebra, rather than having to repeat something they already know or deal with a course that is too difficult. American School also provides help to parents who are petrified of teaching high school science. They offer chemistry, physics, biology, etc., so the homeschooled student can complete all necessary science courses either online or by paper correspondence, depending on the subject. American School provides an individual transcript for each course a student completes, so whether a full diploma-granting track is taken or individual courses, the student will have the necessary paperwork for college entrance requirements.

Another exciting aspect of American School is their offering of non-traditional subjects such as Forensic Science, Digital Photography and Theatre, Cinema and Film Production that allow a student to experience much broader learning opportunities than a regular high school curriculum. American School is also partnering with Rosetta Stone® in offering its foreign language courses, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian and many more. Visit the American School website today and find the answer for your high school needs with a solid, convenient source! MjL

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