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Analytical Grammar – Complete English Courses for Success

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Jr. Analytical Grammar – introductory grammar for 4th or 5th grade

Jr. AG: Mechanics – a follow-on for Jr. AG that covers punctuation and usage for 4th or 5th grade

Analytical Grammar – a full course in grammar, punctuation, and usage that can be taught over 1, 2, or 3 years for 6th grade and up.

Beyond the Book Report – a writing and literature study course for 6th grade and up

by Michael Leppert
Analytical Grammar (AG) is a complete, broad spectrum series of books that cover every level of this important academic subject from 4th Grade to high school and beyond! Nothing is more important for academic and professional success than the myriad skills that come under the umbrella of “grammar.” If a student is mathematically challenged, there are calculators; if you are grammatically challenged, there is no pocket help and it is quite visible and significant.Your intelligence and knowledge will shine through a highly-developed ability to write, and grammar is the underpinning of all writing.

AG was written by Robin Finley who taught middle school language arts for 34 years. The company is now run by her daughter, a second-generation English teacher. Their courses are written with a deep awareness of the pitfalls and obstacles that students face in mastering grammar – one of the “scariest” subjects in school or out! There are many aspects of grammar: Punctuation, spelling, parts of speech and their usage, then applying these bits to effective writing techniques. Her book “Beyond the Book Report” is a very valuable teaching tool, covering literary analysis, journalism, poetry, drama, essays, oral reports, and research papers.

Being comfortable with writing a research paper or topical essay will make college and other upper-level academic work enjoyable. Even in the professional setting, knowing how to research and put it all together is a tremendous skill. Of course, mastering essay writing will help with the SAT and other such exams. These skills are acquired through clear instruction and practice. AG’s methodical approach of presenting the basic concepts and examples, then moving along to the next one, while reviewing the previously-learned material, helps your student reach mastery at the end of the academic experience. Eventually, a person makes habits of using correct grammar, a skill that sets him or her up for success!

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