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BluTrack’s New Home STEM Series Intro to Force & Motion

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by Emerson Sandow

Most parents have heard about STEM over the past three or four years. STEM is a popular acronym for Science, Technology Engineering & Math and is one of the most-talked about aspects of modern education. With the heavy emphasis on the need for qualified scientists and engineers in the future, who will come from the ranks of today’s students, STEM is on the minds of many people involved in education – whether teachers or parents. The U.S. has historically been on the forefront of scientific exploration and achievement and most people are not prepared to quietly abdicate that front-runner status.

Homeschooling families are no less interested in aiding their children who have an interest in the STEM fields and BluTrack has a new Home STEM series set to assist them in providing excellent study work. BluTRack’s Intro to Force & Motion is probably the most fun and attention-grabbing way to teach the subject for both teacher and student.

If you are unfamiliar with BluTrack’s approach, they use slot-racer type cars on a fully flexible track to demonstrate properties of physics. The slot cars do not run on battery or electric power, however, but purely on gravity and inertia. The track is flexible, so you can make loops, steep or shallow inclines/declines and virtually any track configuration your imagination can come up with.

As with all of BluTrack’s kits, the Intro to Force & Motion features easy setup and teardown, maximizing time on task. You can use it to teach many of Newton’s theories with just one set.  When you have finished learning about physics, your child can then have fun using this set as an enjoyable After-School Activity. BluTrack’s Home STEM Series Intro to Force & Motion Set includes an 18 ft. continuous coil of BluTrack, hanger/connector system, 2 BluTrack Racer brand vehicles, and a Curriculum Guide, Student Journal, and Data Collection Book. The Intro to Force & Motion Set comes in a re-usable storage/transport box for easy convenient storage. It is an ideal homeschool resource!
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