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Fitivities – A Great Way for the Family to Exercise & Have Fun!

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By Emerson Sandow

The positive benefits of regular exercise on the brain is well-established. Even with only 5 minutes per day, you can give your brain increased blood flow and create new neurons and synapses. Numerous studies have shown that initial learning and information retention both increase in people who exercise and stimulate their bodies before doing intellectual work. Of course, with such busy schedules, it can be daunting to find any time for this important aspect of life.

Now there is a great “board” game that gets families moving – Fitivities. Fitivities is a team game (up to 4 teams) where all teams play at the same time and will produce hours of laughter and great exercise! The winner of the game is the first team to go all the way around the board to the first exercise space past their Shoe Start space. The object of the game is to exercise and have fun doing it!

Fitivities consists of:
Plastic playing mat with 20 activity squares
Instruction sheet with descriptions of each of the 20 activities and variations of the basic game
4 colored shoe game pieces
4 large colored dice
4 Spinners that have various instructions on them

The game board is a large 3 foot x 2 foot heavy, plastic mat that you place on a flat surface with room for movement – plenty of movement! Each of the 20 activity squares are labeled with something to do:  “Plank Hold”, “Shadow Box”, “Squats”, etc. Each team chooses one of 4 colored shoe game pieces, a corresponding “Start” space on the board you place your show on and there are 4 colored dice corresponding to the game piece colors.

Each team chooses the order of its players; player 1 walks or jogs to the colored die of his team, rolls the die, moves it to the correct activity space and then spins on the spinner. There are 8 possible instructions on the spinner, “Complete 10 repetitions” “Go back 2 spaces and complete 15 repetitions”, “Sorry go back to start”, etc. Everyone on the team must complete the activity together and the next player on the team repeats the process. Since all teams play at once, the progress is constant.

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