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Jennifer Swanson Books – Entertaining & Enlightening Children’s Science Books

Uninvited Guests – Invisible Creatures Lurking in Your Home
32 pages, soft cover, Published by Capstone Press

Top Secret Science – Projects You Aren’t Supposed To Know About
32 pages, soft cover, Published by Capstone Press

48 pages soft cover, Published by ABDO Publishing

Jennifer Swanson is a prolific write of children’s books that inform across a broad spectrum of science topics. Science can be a dry subject if not handled properly and Jennifer’s books do the job. They are composed of well illustrated pages containing facts and pictures of what is discussed on each page. In Uninvited Guests, Jennifer tells the story of microbes and insects that live throughout the house. Beginning with the kitchen, where mold and fungus grow, discussing their negative effects on humans in the form of allergies, etc. Next is the bathroom and some facts like your computer keyboard is probably dirtier than the toilet bowl! Unsettling, but statistically accurate. Then Jennifer covers  bedroom guests, such as dust mites and of course, bedbugs. Ms. Swanson includes a glossary of terms used in each book, so that the child reader will gain a more permanent grasp of the subject matter. This is very important in science studies.

In Top Secret Science, Ms. Swanson discusses such weapons as anthrax, the atomic bomb and supersonic airplanes. She informs the reader of some of the work done in WWII by the Manhattan Project and other secret projects by the Allies and the Nazis to win the war. Other topics discussed are robot dogs, spy satellites, black ops and much more. The glossary adds easy vocabulary review to the book.

Finally, in Tsunamis, Jennifer discusses the 2011 Japanese tsunami first. She describes what occurred and includes a short description from one of the survivors. Then, Jennifer discusses tsunamis in general . . . their causes and throughout the book are assignments to be completed, making it like a min-unit study on tsunamis. This book also includes a glossary, so the student will increase his/her vocabulary by reviewing it periodically.

There are other titles in the Jennifer Swanson collection, including: Dangerous Diseases, Mad Scientists and Mutant Animals in the Capstone series that includes Top Secret Science; Body Bugs, Food Intruders and Yard Monsters in the Capstone series that includes Uninvited Guests and finally, the Core Library offers free additional tools for teachers, students and parents, at

These three volumes and their companion books are excellent primary resources for the introduction of different areas of science, providing the student with an insight into how valuable scientific knowledge is. Jennifer Swanson photo

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