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Loving Grammar – Mr. Lund’s Guide To Professional Clamdigging


Textbook by Steve Lund, M.Ed.

Review by Michael Leppert

At first glance, the title of this website seems like an oxymoron – who can possibly be “loving grammar”? But, those of us who enjoy knowing how to punctuate properly and make our subjects and verbs match in number, it is one of the most enjoyable features of a communicative life and loving grammar is definitely possible. After viewing the website, I think that Steve Lund is capable of making your child – and you, the teaching parent — come to love grammar, too.

As linguistic skills in the mainstream world slide further to the edge of the abyss, homeschoolers have a unique opportunity to preserve English grammar and carry it on to the next generation. In a few years, when the most intelligent communication between most humans is “lol, brb, idk”, and the like, homeschooled adults will be able to write and speak in complete sentences and even punctuate properly because their parents have recognized the importance of English skills in general, and grammar in particular; Mr. Lund’s book will go a long way to help that cause.

Steve Lund is a very accomplished scholar and man of broad accomplishments. Besides being knowledgeable in English, ESL and Spanish, he is a pianist, in both jazz and classical disciplines. Lund has a witty and humorous approach to teaching the most frightening subject outside of Math or Science – Grammar! No doubt, his musical nature contributes to his breezy way of teaching and it makes the subject matter less heavy and ponderous. Since grammar can tend to be elephantine, lightness of teaching approach is very welcome to parents and students. The short, and to-the-point approach in Clamdigging, is easily grasped and makes what is learned stay with the student — for life. Grammar follows a number of patterns that are more consistent than English spelling, for example. Once you learn the self-checking tricks of grammar and quickly gain confidence, it becomes as useful in written and spoken language as a well-developed vocabulary. Of course, a definite and comfortable grasp of grammar will also be helpful in the SAT and throughout college studies.

The Guide To Professional Clamdigging is very affordable, especially when you consider how long it will serve the student and the importance of grammar in communicating one’s thoughts and ideas. Mr. Lund also offers other study materials that supplement Clamdigging. Please visit the website, http://lovinggrammar.com and spend a few minutes considering its value to your child. MjL

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