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Movies As Literature Unit Study – eBook and Hard Copy

Created by Kathryn Stout, Design-a-StudyDAS_logo_blue

Design a Study
206 N Mechanic St.,
Wilmington, DE 19934
(302) 998-3889 or 1-800-965-2719

Assessed by Janet Esposito and Joseph Grayhaim

Kathryn Stout founded Design-A-Study in 1988, after teaching for 8 years in the public education system. She wrote a series of books to help other teachers and parents to make imparting knowledge easier. Her goal was to teach others how to adapt curriculum and content from existing resources and combine what was not previously combined into a cohesive whole. Kathryn’s excellent books offer multiple teaching strategies, activities, suggestions for resources and curriculum to cover the desired material in the time available.

Rather than work towards completing a workbook, students are encouraged to work towards mastering concepts and skills. By focusing on mastery and a broad variety of subjects centered on a unifying theme, children are less likely to become bored, frustrated, and disengaged.

Besides her wide array of books covering Math, Language Arts, Science and History, Kathryn also developed a refreshing and complete, one-year high school English course, entitled Movies As Literature. It uses classic movies on video/DVD, to introduce and discuss literary analysis. Included are plot summaries, a glossary of literary terms, guidelines for writing and critiquing and essay, 17 lessons with discussion and questions and a final exam. Students in middle school can utilize portions of MAL and both the book and workbook include suggestions for utilizing the course as a supplement for middle-school material.

Movies As Literature is designed to help teach students develop critical thinking by actually VIEWING these films and realizing underlying meanings as well as develop an appreciation for great books that have been brought to life via celluloid.

Design-A-Study products are meant to give teachers unique ideas and a one-stop resource for gathering materials from multiple resources in a timely fashion.

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