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Mr. Gelston’s 1-Room Schoolhouse – Resource for Home Ed Math

Mr. Gelston’s Brings Math Home via the Internet

Mr. Gelston’s, an award-winning web-based homeschooling resource, offers Middle SchoolMr. Gelston image Math in 3 distinct online private lessons or classes!

  • Pre-Algebra I – a review of Math concepts to lay the foundation for Algebra and beyond• Pre-Algebra II – this is the bridge from Arithmetic to Algebra. Students learn to use variables & algebraic reasoning
  • Applications in Math – the student continues learning and applies what s/he has learned previously to Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Probability
  • Private Lessons – parents who choose this option receive the same instruction and material but at the child’s own pace
  • Each student creates his/her own work product which can become part of the portfolio record and will include input on your child’s development by Mr.Gelston
  • Each student will use Study Island to practice algorithms and procedures and the practice record can become part of your child’s portfolio
  • Barry Gelston has real, live human interaction via online white boards, presentations and discussions
  • Audio and Video are used for communication
  • Students can get to know each other and socialize online before and after class
  • Classes can be recorded for later viewing and reviewing
  • All boards and presentations can be saved as PDFs showing class notes and commentary

As of Sept, 2015,  Mr. Gelston proudly announces the creation of Online Collaborative Learning Programs for teens through the Collaboratory Zone. The Collaboratory Zone supports self-directed and aspiring self-directed teens in designing 21st century learning experiences.

Homeschool and Unschool teens are in a unique situation as distributed learners and collaborators to take the lead in mastering the latest learning skills and technologies. The next generation of leaders will come from those who have developed their own passionate interests, a broad world view, and can execute their vision in a connected world. — Barry Gelston, M.Ed.

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