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Nature Trading Cards – Fun Facts & Photos


Age Range: 5 and up
Cost Range: $2.00 – $20.00
Subject: Nature/Outdoors/GeographyNature Trading Cards image for Review sites
Phone: (831) 345-3423

By Matt Barnabei

Have you ever been at the beach, on a hike or on a boat and seen a gorgeous bird, fish, flower or furry friend and wished you had known what kind it was? With Nature Trading Cards, problem solved.

Each card has a majestic photograph of the species on the front and fascinating facts on the back. For the avid outdoorsman, there is the all-encompassing “Everything Collection,” which includes over 200 cards across all species groups. The set includes: birds, fish, plants, microscopic creatures, algae, marine invertebrates, fresh-water invertebrates, land invertebrates, land mammals and marine mammals.

A number of 32-card Collections, providing niche assemblies, are also available. These collections include: Backyards & Parks, Birds of North America, Invertebrate, Ocean, Western Birds and Wetlands.

Another convenience NTC has made available is the ability to customize a 32-card Collection. A custom collection is ideal for a field trip or family vacation so members of the excursion can identify a variety of indigenous species.

Arguably, the best part about Nature Trading Cards is the cost, with the “Everything” Collection going for just $20 and each of the 32-card Collections for $5, including the customized clusters.

The Humpback Whale, or Megaptera novaeangliae, Card is to Nature Trading Cards as the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card is to baseball cards, so be sure to get your hands on one. As for birds, Nature Trading Cards feature not only the classics such our national bird, The Bald Eagle, but they include a number that fall into the more peculiar side of the spectrum, such as the Marbled Godwit.

In the Elk Card’s photo it looks almost as if the deer’s close relative has a mile-wide grin on its face. After flipping the card over one learns that what the Elk is doing in the picture is called “bugling.” Bugling is a form of “showing off for females by making a loud, high-pitched sound like a bugle or trumpet.”

As for the Ocean, Nature Trading Cards covers its grandiosity with the presentation of the mysteriously colorful Spanish Shawl, or Flabellina iodenea.

Nature Trading Cards provides a Lesson Plan Guide for Teachers for the extremely low cost of $2. The booklet includes habitat-based exercises and food web demonstrations. Teachers who use Nature Trading Cards will cherish this inexpensive project booklet. An example of a project in the booklet is a mural made up of line-art panels drawn by artist Lyn Guenther. Teachers can copy the art and provide it to students for use in a mural.

Nature Trading Cards are a must-have for field trips, homeschooling, family vacations and the classroom. They make excellent collectibles as well. Who said, “Nature’s not a sport?” MB

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