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Nature’s Warehouse – One-Stop, Healthy Shopping

By Valerie Schuetta, M.Ed.

As a busy first grade teacher, I am always looking for the latest supplements and healthy, natural food because staying healthy is at the top of my priority list. When I found the Nature’s Warehouse website, I was happy to see that I could buy all of my supplements, shop for food, healthy snacks, and natural personal care items – and much more.

Nature’s Warehouse is a great resource for keeping up with new health trends. The website has a superabundance of natural and healthy items for families to choose from.

The owners, Daniel and Cari Laudon, really care about their customers. This is evident by the high standards they hold for their business. They know firsthand what it feels like have a family and care about providing them with only the best natural products. They also know how expensive it can be. This is why they carefully choose and sell only products that are safe, natural, and reasonably priced. They also ensure that their website is not only user friendly, but safe for children to use. They have also included a Kids Corner, which offers coloring pages and educational games for children to enjoy.

Nature’s Warehouse has a plethora of items. They sell a wide selection of supplements in virtually all forms – capsules, liquid, soft gels or powders and in a wide price range and sizes. You can also specify if you prefer dairy free, gluten-free, organic, or whatever your need may be. I easily found my favorite brands, plus much more, including personal items such as toothpaste, body and skin care items, facial cleansers, even goats milk soap!

Shoppers can discover organic herbs in bulk, seeds, extracts, oils, and capsules for any health condition. In this busy, fast- paced world, it is very attractive to know that I can sit down in my pajamas with a cup of coffee, and do my shopping in one place. I don’t need to drive from store to store. I also was pleased to discover that shipping is free if my order totals at least $24.95 and will arrive in three days or less!

Children’s Products

One of my favorite sections on the site is the Children’s Products. You can find anything you need to keep your child healthy and glowing — toothpaste, throat spray and a wide variety of organic herbal supplements.

One supplement that caught my eye was the Chamomile Calm. As a teacher, I see many children on pharmaceutical medications and it is wonderful to see a healthy alternative. You can also find multivitamins and lavender baby shampoo. Although my children are no longer young, you can find many items that would be great in a gift basket for young parents and families.

Grocery Section, Household Items, Books, Blog & First Aid

In the grocery section are most products you might need to re-stock your pantry. A few of my favorites were herbal teas, organic hot cocoa, blueberry toaster pastries, sun-dried tomato hummus, organic gluten-free flour, liquid coconut aminos, and spicy garden vegetable pasta sauces, just to name a few! You can also find a variety of jams, many seasonings, a rainbow assortment of grains, dried beans and legumes, oils, nuts, and maple syrup.

Shopping in the household section is just like shopping at an old-fashioned general store. Here you can find many sundries including a stainless steel tea kettle, a set of classic measuring spoons, beeswax candles, and even a Vitamix food processor!

The book section includes an array of literature on spirituality, physical and mental health, gardening and plants, and even cookbooks. Two books that caught my eye were the cookbook, Home Cooking: Recipes from Lancaster County (Amish) and The Beauty of Herbs.

In the first aid section, you can find anything you need to replenish your first aid cabinet. I was pleased to see many of Christopher’s products, a personal favorite of mine.

In the blog section, you can find many informative articles pertaining to health. These include “What Herbs are Safe To Use During Pregnancy”, “Problems with Food Additives”, “8 Ways To Use Honey for Healthy Hair and Skin”, and “Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea”, just to name a few! There is also a blog called “Ask Dr. Mom” written by Sandra Ellis, M.H.

There are numerous reasons why I would recommend this excellent and enjoyable website to families who are on a budget, but want to stay healthy. I really love the fact that the home page shows new products, their prices and discounts. In fact, every item that is sold shows you the price and the percentage you are saving. Nature’s Warehouse is a wonderful place to purchase the items any family needs to maintain a natural and healthy home and lifestyle. V.S.

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