Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish!

Print and (free) Audio version of the book By Judy Martialay Published by: Polyglotkidz Press www.polyglotkidz.com 30 pages, 8.5 x 11, soft cover Ages: approximately 6 through 10 (depending on the child’s ability) ================ By Michael Leppert Judy Martialy’s book for beginning Spanish learning is a colorful and fun simple story book that adds art […]

World of Reading – Your One-Stop for Foreign Language Learning

POB 13092 Atlanta, GA 30324-0092 800-729-3703 or 404-233-4042 Fax: 404-237-5511 E-mail: polyglot@wor.com https://www.wor.com Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the value of learning the major foreign languages. The citizens of the rest of the developed world usually have some level of English proficiency and it is valuable and good form for us to develop a […]

Spanish for Kids — Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors) to Spanish

www.spanish-for-kids.com Subject: Spanish (Total immersion) Price: Complete Level 1 Kit, $135 (over 6 hours) Ages: 3 to adult Heflin and Thrall Language Publications 888-313-3310 By Michael Leppert Spanish is an excellent choice to learn as a second language to English. It is easy to understand and grasp in an elementary level enough to provide enjoyment […]

Bechtel Books: A Boon to Christian Homeschoolers

www.speedy-spanish.com By E. Ostertag Bechtel Books has been providing Christian publications to homeschool families for 25 years. Among their most popular offerings are the Speedy Spanish courses and Christian Ethics for Youth. Though Bechtel Books offers a wide range of Christian educational materials, these two courses were written and are produced by the Bechtels themselves, […]