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The Private Eye® the Looking/Thinking by Analogy® Program

Age Range: 4+
Cost Range: $3.95 – $99.75
Subject: Science/Analytics/Art
Location: Lyle, WA

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Phone: (509) 365-3007

By Matt Barnabei

The basis of The Private Eye program is thinking by analogy, something that prominent educators and neuroscientists consider to be a principal factor in understanding.

The Private Eye defines themselves as a learning process and professional development program to rivet the eye and rocket the mind. The program prompts its users to look closely, think by analogy and theorize. These methods of thought are certainly important in regards to succeeding in not only school, but in life as well.

The program is certainly hands-on and investigative, as the name alludes to. The Private Eye teaches one how to fully analyze and assess ordinary objects with just a jeweler’s loupe (magnifying eyepiece) and simple questions. Along with The Private Eye, science, writing, art, math and social studies education is accelerated and enhanced.

The Private Eye guide book serves as an invitation to learning by adventure. The process and tools are explained and discussed so that an understanding of what, why and how is achieved. Chapter Three of the guide book is titled “The Interdisciplinary Mind: close-up.” It teaches the reader how to think like a pro, develop creativity, examine analogies and to synergize learning and teaching. The following chapter is dedicated to the fieldwork of The Private Eye program. This observation portion of the guide covers what to collect and study with the loupe and the thinking by analogy mindset. The parameters of what you can inspect are practically infinite!

The Five Fun-tastic Steps bookletwill help users reason like an artist, writer, scientist, mathematician, inventor and social scientist. Each of the five steps is imperative to the process of these professions. The following are the principles of the five steps they lay out: Look, Write, Ask, Draw and Theorize. The booklet is vivid, with colorful examples, and thorough with its explanation. It is essential for Private Eye beginners.

Whether you start using The Private Eye on your own with just the guide and jeweler’s loupe, or if you join a Private Eye workshop, you will find that it develops communication, problem-solving and concentration skills.

The Private Eye process develops critical thinking skills and creativity. The program also initiates and improves general literacy, including scientific and mathematical literacy. It’s excellent for grades PreK-12 and even beyond. The Private Eye provides a unique, natural and effective foundation to meet the criteria of Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. M.B.


“A really exciting way to bring out the gifted in everyone.”
— Joseph Renzulli, Director, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

“The Private Eye is a wonderful contribution to literacy, poetry and ecological awareness.”
— Robert Hass, U.S. Poet Laureate and Professor, University of California at Berkeley

“The Private Eye is fabulous for adults.  It gives people an immediate experience of the creative process.”
— Bonnie Zimmerman, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University Medical School

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