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Therapro, Inc. – Special Needs Products


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By Ellen Meade

Teaching children with special needs offers a unique set of challenges and rewards for students and parents. However, public schools have one advantage over homeschooling parents – the learning resources. Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Art Therapists – these amazing people have wonderful tools and learning resources acquired over years of classroom experience. I often wondered about these seemingly magical inventions and their origins in the universe. Why could I never find the adaptive scissors I need for my son, but his friend’s OT has the exact pair I’ve searched for high and low? Is there a “special education land” somewhere out there; one in which only licensed specialists can purchase these incredible tools? Thankfully there is a one-stop-shop available right here on Earth and anyone with Internet access can purchase these incredible products.

Therapro offers innovative products for every kind of learner. Through 25 years of experience as both a scholar and practicing clinician, Karen Conrad has worked to address the needs of people in every stage of life: From early intervention therapy, to mental health, and end-of-life care. In launching their company, Therapro, Karen Conrad and her husband, Paul Weihrauch, made it their goal to provide their community with unique educational and therapeutic supplies that would help to revolutionize the way therapists and educators provide preventative, developmental, and rehabilitative care. It is their belief that with the right tools, every person can live up to their fullest potential.

Therapro offers an incredibly diverse range of products from numerous catalogs, but your first stop on the website should be the exclusive line of Therapro products. My absolute favorite is their self-assessment tool, called “Here’s How I Write.” It is a different kind of evaluative technique than what many parents are used to using. Each student uses it to assess their own handwriting, encouraging every child to become an active participant in setting future goals and identifying areas that need improvement. And all parents should take a look at their writing resources. I love the raised-line learning papers; they use raised outlines to help tactile learners. And for visual learners, check out the highlighted papers. The paper is visually simplified, allowing visual students to form and space their letters correctly.

Parents can find specific learning resources, or browse through several catalogs filled with all the amazing, innovative products available. And just in time for preparations for the next school year, look at the fun and educational tools available in Therapro’s Back to School catalog. In addition to Therapro’s exclusive line of products, parents will find all kinds of great tools for their back to school needs. Little children can prepare for writing with the “Get Set for School Workbook,” with help from diverse selection of writing tools. Therapro offers several different kinds of grips and writing implements, ensuring that all children can learn to express themselves through writing. Or try the great scissor activity workbooks combined with the adaptive scissors available (including the ones I fell in love with). Have an active child that learns best through movement? Check out the Brain Gym products for teaching reading, handwriting, spelling, and math through movement. And the selection of “fidgets” available will help keep your student’s attention and improve their focus.

You will find the perfect product you need for your special learner at Therapro. Children will gain confidence and increased independence with these incredible, innovative tools and learning resources. Every parent should look at all that is offered to help prepare their homeschool classroom. For more information on any of these great products available from Therapro, including Therapro’s exclusive line of products, please visit their website at E.M.

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