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Tixlers Letters — Powerful Tools for Teachers, Tutors & Parents To Teach Reading & Handwriting

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by Joseph Grayhaim

Tixlers Letters is a website offering a wide variety of imaginative and intelligent products for learning & practicing: handwriting, vocabulary building and reading for Grades pre-K through 5 or 6. Here are some of the original products they offer:

Greek and Latin Word Roots Games pages – teaches students the meanings of 45 roots, plus the alternate spellings. Three board sheets, printed on colored card stock, have meanings and 45 tiles on white card stock, have roots. The students match the roots with the meanings, and the information becomes firmly seated in their memories. You can purchase two sets and play a variation of “Concentration” with them.

Phonics & Morphology Card Decks –The  Teacher Edition has over 400 cards, packed with phonograms, prefixes, suffixes, roots, rules, and memorization words, providing effective and efficient tools to teach reading and to remediate dyslexia.

Traceable Cursive Letters – This card set contains 31, 4” x 6” heavy stock cards, with the 26 letters of the alphabet in raised texture, plus several reference cards. Colored dots show the student where to begin tracing the letter and where to change direction. The reference cards provide the instructor with guidance and ideas. Using these traceable cards will help the student to gain confidence and motor skill before actually attempting to write cursive with paper and pencil.

• Traceable Manuscript Letters – Textured Card set for Manuscript practice, same as Cursive.

• Traceable Numeral Cards – A set of 11, 4” x 6” heavy stock cards with each numeral textured. There are two versions of 1, 4 & 7. As with the letter decks, the numeral tracing builds confidence and motor skill in little hands and minds, before actually writing numerals on paper.

• Traceable Phonics Deck (Cursive or Manuscript) – This set of 110, 4” x 6” cards offers textured, traceable practice of vowels and consonants; multi-letter combinations and vowel groups, consonant groups and spelling rules.

This concept of tracing everything first removes stress from the child, who may strive for perfection right away. When the instructor makes clear that tracing is the point, the child can enjoy the work and have fun rather than have stress. Fine-motor skills are developed quickly and fully, as the child can practice tracing repeatedly until the teacher feels s/he is ready for pencil & paper work. Please visit the website for ordering information. JG

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