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Virtual Field Trips — Travel the Globe Right From the Livingroom!

Age/Grade: K-12
Cost: One year individual unlimited access: $45
Destinations: Barcelona (available in English or Spanish); Paris (English or French); Africa; Jersusalem; Tokyo, London and many more!
Other subjects: Social Studies, Life Sciences and Ancient Civilizations
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
Phone: 888.659.5590
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By Michael Leppert

With Virtual Field Trips, you can take your child to the ends of the earth without leaving the living room! Virtual Field Trips has designed an extensive series of video journeys that will enthrall and educate your child with knowledge of faraway, exotic but significant locales across the globe.

You can visit Barcelona, the city of Gaudi, in English or Spanish or visit Paris, the City of Light in English or French, providing a language facet to the geographical, scientific and cultural information your child will already take in! You can go to ancient and modern Jerusalem, to illuminate your bible studies or visit ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy.

Virtual Field Trips make the perfect pivot point for a Unit Study of a country or a people. The beautiful and high-quality productions can impart entertaining and riveting knowledge to any child, no matter what his/her main learning style is, but especially to the visual learner!

Virtual Field Trips was developed by Ms. Dale Petersen, mom and M.Ed., who has loved to travel and also to educate children. She combined her loves into Virtual Field Trips to provide her son with the exciting material contained in these video productions. Dale has developed her line of videos for two age or grade divisions: K-5 and 6-12 so that parents can provide a continuous study of many topics as their children grow. Some videos are only for the older section, of course, with more scientific focus.

Virtual Field Trips are also affordable! A full one-year unlimited access subscription is only $45! Your entire family will watch and enjoy the Virtual Field Trips videos, probably again and again! For the family who wish to use the assessment and quiz feature, that is offered as well.

Virtual Field Trips are an exciting way to teach your child about the places and people in the great wide world “out there” without leaving home. Please visit the website for complete information and to see the full array of videos currently available. MjL

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