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Wings To Soar Online Academy – K-12 Outside of the Box Education

Affordable, Flexible, Experienced

by Emerson Sandow

Learning challenges include a wide variety of recognized learning disorders, including dyslexia (reading challenges), dysgraphia (writing challenges), and dyscalculia (math challenges) to name a few.

For parents and students who are faced with these stress-producing struggles, Wings to Soar Online Academy may hold the key to learning success. First of course, is the benefit that homeschooling provides. Many children facing learning challenges cannot obtain the needed instructional approach in traditional schools. Having an online option that partners with the homeschooling parent is a major help. Secondly, Wings to Soar is completely focused on helping these homeschooled students to prosper and grow with a personalized curriculum that fits each child. Parents begin by completing the Just-Right Level Assessment questionnaire that allows the Wings to Soar Intervention Specialist to recommend a series of customized assessments to find out exactly what the child’s learning level is currently in each curricular area the parent would like to have assessed. The topics addressed are: reading comprehension, fluency, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, writing, language, and math. This ultimately guides the specific curriculum that Wings to Soar recommends for the student’s Path to SuccessPersonalized Learning Plan. This tailored approach helps each student along their learning journey helping them to gain the skills and confidence to not just survive but thrive in school and in life.

Another positive point in the Wings to Soar approach is that they allow you to enroll in as much or little of your curriculum as needed. They encourage you to continue in any curriculum you are using that is working for you and come alongside to support in the areas that aren’t working so well. Wings to Soar’s interest is in your child’s success and your peace of mind. Founder, Beth Ellen Nash, has over 19 successful years’ experience working with children who learn better outside the traditional educational system.

Did you know that many of the great inventors, thinkers, and achievers of our world had what today would be considered learning disabilities? Wings to Soar believes that with a shift in perspective to recognize the flip-side strengths that go along with the weaknesses and providing the targeted intervention needed to build the weaker skills that students with learning challenges can in fact thrive. Wings to Soar recognizes that no child needs to be seen as “less” or “broken” just because of a learning challenge. If you are concerned about your child’s learning struggle, visit the Wings to Soar Academy’s website and begin the path to academic success right away! E.S.


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