Swinging Chicks!

Jennifer Connell www.fowlplayproducts.com4 4775 E Deer Park Rd., Columbia, MO 65201 info@fowlplayproducts.com Ph 573 864-0096 by Dee George   “Yes, chickens really do like to swing”, says Jennifer Connell. She has  videos on her website that prove it, and after working on perfecting the swing design since 2009, it still makes her smile every time […]

Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish!

Print and (free) Audio version of the book By Judy Martialay Published by: Polyglotkidz Press www.polyglotkidz.com 30 pages, 8.5 x 11, soft cover Ages: approximately 6 through 10 (depending on the child’s ability) ================ By Michael Leppert Judy Martialy’s book for beginning Spanish learning is a colorful and fun simple story book that adds art […]

izzit.org – Critical Thinking Starts With Interesting and Stimulating Online Articles & Video Programs, Absolutely FREE!

A perfect Free teaching vehicle for homeschooling families, students K-college www.izzit.org 2002 Filmore Avenue Erie, PA  16506 888.242.0563 E-mail: ask@izzit.org by Michael Leppert   Next to learning to read and write, Critical Thinking is probably the most important aspect of a child’s education and remains so for life. Being taught how to analyze the motives, […]

Farm Fresh to You – Bringing Fresh Organic Produce to Your Door!

    23808 State Highway 16 Capay, CA 95607 800.796.6009, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com/ contactus@farmfreshtoyou.com by Emerson Sandow If you live in California, imagine having farm fresh vegetables delivered right to your home every week! In this age of canned reality via the Internet and T.V., and frozen dinners in the microwave, […]