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Cleo Cat-tra Books – First Concept Educational Picture Books


5 Titles in the series, currently
For children, ages 1 to 3
Glossy, washable hard covers
8.25” x 8.25”, 30-plus pages

Published by:
Inkwell Productions, L.L.C.
10632 N. Scottsdale Rd, Unit 695
Scottsdale, AZ 852548
Ph: 480-315-3781

Author: Lucy Geringer
Illustrators: Bernardita C. Kollock, Elly Evans, Ralph W. Redmond

Review by Michael Leppert

Former school teacher, Lucy Geringer, and her top-notch team of illustrators, has created a series of instructional, long-lasting and fun-to-read picture books, designed to teach very young children about shapes, colors, numbers, letters, opposites, animals and basic literacy.

For instance, “Counting in the Woods with Cleo-cat-tra” takes the small reader through a forest with a charming little cat, Cleo-cat-tra, and presents the numbers 0 through 10 while showing pictures of the animals she encounters — 1 squirrel, 2 owls, etc., that correspond to the numbers. Ms. Geringer has also included a number line at the bottom of each of the number pages, so the child sees each number in sequence, while learning about counting.

This title includes a Glossary of the animals that are encountered in the book, providing a bit of detail about each one. Each volume also includes Fun Activity Pages that provide the parent with easy guidance in games and other things that will reinforce the information in order to produce remembrance and learning.

“Counting in the Woods” provides the young child with a glimpse into the natural world and can create a beginning appreciation for nature. The child can make the connection between the animals encountered in the book and the real, live counterpart through information found in the glossary.

Other titles currently available are: “Cleo-cat-tra’s ABCs”, which includes Cleo-cat-tra again interacting with animals; “Rhymes and Times of Cleo-cat-tra,” “Cleo-cat-tra’s Box of Shapes and Colors” and “Cleo-cat-tra’s Adventure in the Country-Book of Opposites”. All of them are clear and concise, with beautiful illustrations that are a pleasure to look at. Your child will likely love Cleo-cat-tra, a little cat that is the perfect guide through these books.

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