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SoundLife Music Academy — Flexible & Top-Flight In-Home Music Lessons

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By Michael Leppert

Chris Vazquez, with a Bachelor’s degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, is an accomplished guitarist and music director, who has played all over the greater Los Angeles area and the world, for many years.

Chris offers his services as a consultant, providing musicians with aid and guidance in navigating the often-intimidating world of recording and performing. Chris also has a Musicians Referral service where he serves as the go-between and introducer to musicians looking for others, whether solo musicians or bands.

Now, Chris is excited to announce that he and Michael Torres, are offering in-home lessons on virtually any instrument. They bring the joy of music lessons right to you through SoundLife Music Academy.

The instructors at SoundLife Music Academy are Los Angeles-based, working professionals, who have been on shows like Dancing With the Stars, The Late Show, Conan, Ellen and many more.

SoundLife Music Academy offers imaginative lessons, both in-home and online, in the following disciplines: voiceguitarbass, drumspianomusic softwaresrecording, saxophone, trumpet, violin, viola, cello,and songwriting for children and adults, beginners or professionals. You might be a complete beginner on an instrument or a veteran player who wants to learn a new instrument or brush up on your skills; Chris, Michael and their SoundLife Music Academy roster of teachers can help you accomplish your musical goals and enrich your life. Also, many homeschooling parents are aware of the brain-building value of music learning. Early lessons in music have been shown to improve all brain functions, especially math. So, taking lessons from SoundLife Music Lessons has a positive affect on all phases of your child’s life.

If your child wants to develop his/her performing skills, who better to teach you than veteran performers? If s/he wants to become a session player and build the skill set required for success in the exotic world of professional recording, who better to teach him/her than experienced Los Angeles session players? But, even if your child does not have a professional “dream” in music, and simply wants to learn and play or sing for the sheer pleasure of it – or if you want him/her to have a well-rounded education with music as part of it, who better to teach him/her than people who love music and have made it their Life?

SoundLife Music Academy offers at least 3 teachers of each discipline, making it easy for them to match every student with a teacher that fits with them. They have the most flexible schedule of any music school – from early morning to late night, 7 days per week so it is perfect for homeschoolers. Sound Life provides recitals on an actual showcase room stage so that parents can experience the fun of seeing their child actually perform in a pro setting and the child can have the self-esteem-building experience of performing live in the same setting.

SoundLife Music Academy does not require semester minimum sign ups, but all students are month-to-month and every student receives a detailed progress report each month, showing the parents and student how far s/he has come.

If you want music in your child’s life – or your own! – SoundLife Music Academy is the way. Please visit the website and see all that Chris and his staff have to offer. MjL

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