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Sujoy Strings – Record-keeping & Planning for String Players & Teachers

Sujoy Spencer


Review by Emerson Sandow

As the parent of a former ‘cello player and friend of many string players, keeping a student’s lesson materials, practice schedule and milestones is a frantic job – on top of teaching all of the elements of string method.

An experienced and farsighted string teacher of many years’ experience in music therapy as well as general instruction in all of the string family, Sujoy Spencer, developed her own set of books for keeping track of all of this important information and now she offers it to string players and their teachers anywhere!

Sujoy’s line of record-keeping and planning books makes the non-musical portion of a teacher’s job easy and painless! The same goes for the student and his/her parents. If they use Sujoy’s tracking books, they will know how much practice their child is to perform, when and if it has been performed. They will also be able to be knowledgeable of their child’s achievements and milestones – no matter how mysterious the musical journey might seem to them!

I know from personal experience that as one progresses in the learning of an instrument, there are many aspects of practice – left hand, right hand, tone, vibrato, etc., and to a serious student, all of these elements have to be tracked daily. One often hears of a professional musician practicing 6-8 hours per day or more and to the uninitiated observer, this seems like obsession, not necessity; but if one dedicates at least one hour per day to the practice of each of these areas of skill, plus adds sight-reading practice, ear-training practice and then working on actual pieces for future performance, 8 hours is not nearly “enough” to make the student feel confident and at ease. Sujoy’s practice grid, originally developed for her own students, helps a student track practice work – even if only 2-4 hours per day!

If you or your child are students of music – especially strings – go to Sujoy’s website and take some time to see all that she has to offer you in record-keeping, tracking and more. ES

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