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Typesy Homeschool Family Version: $67, 2500 lessons, a Parent-Teacher account, 4 student accounts, 5 years unlimited access.

By Emerson Sandow

Touch typing is one of the most important skills one can possess today. Whether child or adult, being able to type correctly ensures a lifetime of ease in recording one’s thoughts or performing data entry tasks. This will be the case for at least the next 20-30 years. Success in the workplace will be aided by well-developed typing skills.

A great program for learning to type is called Typesy. Typesy covers the basics and more, of typing thoroughly and enjoyably, including using the number row of keys across the top of the keyboard. Learning to use these keys is the proper method and it helps in many applications plus, most laptops do not have numeric keypads on them.

The Typesy program is very extensive, containing enjoyable multiple video repetition, games and video presentations to certain lessons. The lessons are arranged according to various letters on the keyboard. You practice sets of 2 or 3 for each lesson, with many different forms of the same information presented, to make your brain pay attention and imprint the mind-muscle connection solidly. The simple video game format is especially effective because the user is learning the information and simplicity is very helpful.

The graphics are pleasing and the tracking system is pleasant to use. After each exercise, you receive an onscreen report of your typing speed and accuracy for that exercise. This is significant because accuracy is the most important aspect of typing speed. You can move your fingers like lightning, but if your entry is full of errors, your net speed is very slow. Concentrated, “slow”, correct effort is the key to net speed in typing tests and in high production keyboarding.

Typesy is a vast improvement in enjoyment to the book I used to learn to type and with the excellent pricing for homeschoolers, it is a worthy investment in your child’s future. Order it today! E.S.

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