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UberSmart Math Facts Software Flash Cards


By Janet Esposito
UberSmart Software
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Although highly unpopular in today’s classrooms, memorization has a place in education. Most notably, students must memorize a new alphabet and letter sounds in order to successfully speak another language. There is no way around that most basic step, and most agree that the need to memorize those building blocks is essential for true fluency in any language. This is true when learning Spanish, or Russian, or Mandarin — or even in the language of Mathematics. However, in math, the basic building blocks are not alphabets and letter sounds, but numbers and math facts. These math facts are the foundation that is fundamental to a student’s academic future and ability to be fluent in math.

UberSmart Math Facts teaches math facts, one number group at a time, beginning with 0’s, then 1’s, and so on. Students learn the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts until they master each goal. Instead of randomly generating problems for mind-numbing practice sessions, the program works exactly like an old-fashioned deck of flashcards. Educators can be assured that kids are challenged to master each and every problem in the complete set of problems for the learning session or test, and only those problems. Those math facts that have already been mastered can be filtered out in order for students to focus on those problems that still need to be learned. After students learn the problems for the learning session, they can take the timed test for customized evaluation results.

The timed tests are adjustable, allowing educators to best evaluate each unique student. Also, because the ultimate goal is for students to know their math facts automatically, response time is an important feature of their progress. Even if a student answers every problem accurately, some problems may take longer for a student to answer. UberSmart Math Facts tracks student response time for each problem, helping to identify those problems that the student is slow to remember. Educators and students can use this information to focus future learning sessions on those problems that have yet to be mastered fully. One of the best features is rarely seen in most electronic math assessments: Students are allowed to skip problems on the test. Those problems are cycled to the end of the test and students must complete every problem until all the questions are answered.

Developed by David Kocur, a homeschooling dad and computer programmer, UberSmart Math Facts is the perfect solution for families on a budget. And with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong. For more information, including pricing and educational resources, please visit their website at mathfacts.ubersmartsoftware.com. JE

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