Homeschool family | The Homeschool Review™ – “Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship With Technology” Program developed by Diana Graber Book written by Diana Graber ================== Assessed by Michael Leppert The Internet can be a tremendous tool and resource for all sorts of positive uses in life. It can also be a stunningly destructive force when used in a negative way. Cyber bullying has become a scourge to many […]

Laughter + Fun = Math Games

By Kathleen Cotter Lawler, When we think of playing games, we think of good times, laughter, and family fun. When we think of math, rarely do these same thoughts come to mind. What a shame! Math should be good times, laughter, and family fun. So how can we make that happen? Read on and […]

School Made Simple – Available for Use With or Without a Computer Elementary grades supplemental curriculum: • Math (CalcuLadder®) • Penmanship (ReadyWriter®) • Dictionary skills (AlphaBetter®) • Bible books memory drills (SanctiFinder®) Available as CalcuPak 1 and 2 Software or as hard copy materials. Drills, Answer Keys and Achievement Record documents in printable forms. By Emerson Sandow School Made Simple is a comprehensive Christian elementary grade […]