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Math File Folder Games – the “FUN” Way To Math Success, Gr 1 – 8

Arranged by grade level, Gr 1-8
Free sample for each grade level available on the website

by Emerson Sandow

Learning through “fun” has been shown to be vastly more effective than simply learning by rote. What we learn with enjoyment takes 10-15 repetitions to make a pattern on the brain; what we learn with drudgery takes up to 400 repetitions to make the initial pattern on the brain — learning.

By using File Folder Math Games in your homeschool curriculum with your elementary, middle school, or high school kids, you can provide them with hours of fun-filled learning time. And the best part is, you’ll get into the spirit and enjoy yourself, too — the ideal homeschooling scenario!

Math File Folder contains printable hands-on math games with included game boards that you’ll need to construct or reproduce, then add dice or playing cards and provide extensive math learning and/or review in an enjoyable setting, to age levels from 6 to 12. Each book is affordable and the games fit in a folder, making it easy to use and ready at a moment’s notice. Very few other items are required. and have playing cards and dice handy. A few games use other types of geometric manipulatives that are easily obtained at educational stores.

Please visit the website to see the FREE SAMPLE of each grade level and complete information. E.S.

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