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World of Reading – Your One-Stop for Foreign Language Learning

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Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the value of learning the major foreign languages. The citizens of the rest of the developed world usually have some level of English proficiency and it is valuable and good form for us to develop a similar level of fluency in Spanish, French, German, Hebrew and/or other major languages.

One of the best resources for your foreign language study is World of Reading. Cindy Shapiro Tracy established World of Reading, Ltd. in October, 1989, when she could not find foreign language products for her own children.

Her goal was to provide a resource for quality foreign language and ESL products for parents, teachers, librarians, companies, government agencies, etc.  Originally from North Carolina, she started studying French and Spanish at a young age. She speaks French and Spanish well and a little bit of German, Dutch, Hebrew and Russian. She still tries out all the products sold by World of Reading and travels to schools and universities to do workshops on products.  Not working for any particular publisher allows objectivity in terms of recommendations and which products offer the best value for your needs.

Studies have proven the benefits of learning another language at an early age, not only for the obvious value of a new language, but also for its positive effects on brain development in general. This benefits the child throughout his/her life in a variety of ways. Besides these benefits, Cindy feels that it is important to learn about other cultures and peoples. To that end, she strives to promote international and multi-cultural education through the products she offers and she is delighted to help her customers find the product(s) that best suit their needs.

Cindy’s website also offers an entry to a free drawing each month to anyone who simply joins the WOR mail list. She also will provide one-on-one guidance for choosing the “just right” product for your child or family foreign language needs. ♦

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